Our Product

The TewTeg Towel is a perfect balance of quality and function.
100% cotton that is soft and luxurious while incredibly durable and absorbent.

With the sleekly crafted hood, it is able to fit any car seat or lounge chair.

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TewTeg In Action!

  • High Quality

    Towel first. It's that simple. TewTeg is not a car seat cover. It's a towel. And you'll love the high-quality materials and great design - because it works!

  • Patent-pending design

    TewTeg's patent-pending HoodCinch design uses the natural tension of a hoodie to hold perfectly to any car seat, a lounge chair, or anywhere you sit.

  • Made in the USA

    We proudly make every towel by hand in the USA.That's right! Every loop, every cord, every stitch. The result is a level of quality that we know you'll enjoy.